The unimaginatively named JLinkGrammar project is an almost literal port of the Link Grammar to Java. It has been put on SourceForge after repeated inquiries by people interested to work with link grammars in Java, with the approval of the lead developers of the original Link Grammar project.


There are no real plans to develop JLinkGrammar further, due to lack of time. However, contributions are welcome, and I will apply patches and publish a packages each time enough changes have been accumulated.

If you want to contribute but don't know what, here are some of the more urgent tasks:

Note that regular contributors will be pestered to become project members.

Report bugs

The project is hosted on SourceForge, obviously. Please use the Bug Tracker for filing bug reports, complaints and patches (for now).

Announcements and discussions

Announcements and status reports will happen occasionally on the Link Grammar Forum. General discussion about link grammars should also happen there. Discussion specific to JLinkGrammar internals should probably take place in the JLinkGrammar developer forum.